Research Activities

- The Department of Aerospace Engineering concentrates its research activities in five broadly defined areas.
- Many faculty members are involved with two or three areas and the multi-disciplinary background of the faculty provides a comprehensive approach to the various topics.
- This arena provides an opportunity for the student to develop a multidisciplinary background and illustrate the department's dedication to challenging important societal, scientific, and industrial problems.
- Establishment of general research policies
- Connect with aerospace industries
- Planning to make effective communication with aerospace industries
- Product-based Industrial Research Projects
- Providing scientific and technical services to the industry
- Publication and documentation of research results in related areas
- New curricula in aerospace education based on national needs
- National scientific and social congresses and seminars
- Equip and establish research laboratories
- Promoting international relations for the benefit of our people and our university
- National and regional competitions (High School and Undergraduate level)

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